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delta airlines Reviews

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  • Paying to reserve a seat means nothing

    I have a bone to pick with Delta Airlines. So, wanted to sit with my wife today on our flight so I did what people do in that situation do -booked my flight well in advance and paid the extra fees to guarantee seats. Show up for flight and am told I need to move because there is a person with a service dog. Ok, I am a war veteran - maybe somebody who got injured needs that seat more than me. Get on the flight and the person with the dog is fully functional - probably one of those scammers who fill out paperwork so their dog can fly with them in the cabin. Anyway Delta, here is an idea:... More...
    PJHeneghan's Picture   PJHeneghan    0 Comments   Comments
  • Delta canceled my reservation and refuses to give me a refund.

    I booked a ticket through Delta for my friend on 12/26/2014. I received an email confirmation of the reservation and my credit card was charged. I noticed that the name was misspelled slightly. I waited about a week to call to see if I could get it changed. When I called I spoke with the agent and gave her the confirmation number. The Agent told me that my travel agent cancelled the flight. I told her this was impossible because I didn't have a travel agent book it, I booked it through Delta on the phone. She said that she could change the name but I had to have my travel agent... More...
    davandy's Picture   davandy    0 Comments   Comments
  • Poor service by Delta Airlines

    We 2 adults and 3 children) had reservations on Flight 2594 to leave for Charleston, SC on Aug 8, 2014 at 5 PM from JFK; we had our departure gate assigned at the Delta counter. I checked at the gate(66) prior to departure and was told to wait by the attendant. They did not call for boarding and when I inquired about the delay I was told that we had missed our flight because the agent gave us the wrong gate number. When my daughter called from home to inquire, she was told that the money for the tickets was lost because we missed our flight. I called at least three.times and Delta finally... More...
    SegarraFamily's Picture   SegarraFamily    0 Comments   Comments
  • Case Number 13527749

    Original flight plan: July 21 DUB to SEA Aug 3 SEA to CLE Aug 31 CLE to ATL Sept 27 ATL to DUB Contacted Delta because change in plan and had to fly to BOS then ATL. Delta agent said best option (after 45 minutes) is to buy new flights which I did: Sept 1 CLE to BOS Sept 27 BOS to ATL to catch flight back to DUB. Nothing mentioned about having to reissue ticket. Received email on Aug 31 that I have been cancelled on Sept 27 flight. When I called Delta, told that I have to pay change fee to be reinstated on the flight. Paid fee and told to submit complaint to Wrote... More...
    ChrisC's Picture   ChrisC    0 Comments   Comments
  • Delta's Incompetence Almost Ruined Our Vacation

    For our first international trip my fiancee and I we supposed to be on a nonstop departure from NY to Costa Rica and one stop return, both with Delta. Our departure flight was supposed to arrive in Costa Rica at 10:30 am and my fiancee and I were very pleased with the flight so far, we were talking about writing a great review of Delta until we had to emergency land in Miami for engine fuel leaks! Only 2.5 hours into our flight! We were at Miami International for what they said was going to be 4 hours, which turned into 7 and then even longer. They didn't even offer is vouchers for the... More...
    aalbanese's Picture   aalbanese    0 Comments   Comments
  • delays/cancellation mechanical

    My daughter, Becky Deschene and I experienced a nightmare trip from Wichita, Ks to Grand Forks, ND. We were traveling there for my daughter's husband's funeral July 2nd and our trip began on July 1 in Wichita. We boarded plane in Wichita and sat on plane for about 45 minutes due to mechanical problems. Arrived for connecting flight which was delayed and then later cancelled due to mechanical problems. We lost reservation for hotel and rental car in Grand Forks. We were carrying the deceased ashes and explained situation but no effort made to ask someone to be bumped to... More...
    helenj's Picture   helenj    0 Comments   Comments
  • Lines

    I read today about how Delta Airlines is focusing on customer service to be the best airline in the US and yet i keep waiting for them to reply to me and tell me who i can speak with to get some customer service. Its really quite the standoff. They say they want to be good at customer service and here i am a customer with a complaint and they dont contact me. More...
    Joe11's Picture   Joe11    0 Comments   Comments
  • Delta airlines complaints

    Write a review, complaint or questions about Delta airlines and you could get answers directly from employees that work at the company. MeasuredUp is partnered with leading companies that work with us to improve their customer service, manage online reputation and increase search engine ranking. It’s quick and easy to use MeasuredUp and you could get answers directly from the company. More...
    Joe11's Picture   Joe11    0 Comments   Comments

    I don't want this to be one of those insanely long unreadable posts. Here is the tip...DO NOY FLY DELTA. Here are the facts: 1) Called to get seat assignments night before Delta/KLM flight to Amsterdam from DTW. Agent cancelled entire confirmed ticket. Found out next morning and at airport where we got it reinstated after a long wait and 3 confirmation numbers. 2) Baggage lost. No one knows where it is and it's 7 days later. They give you numbers to call to a central baggage center where all they can do is email airports requests and never hear back. They give you a... More...
    ELLEN16's Picture   ELLEN16    0 Comments   Comments
  • Discount

    I have been a customer of Delta for a long time and i find that the customer promos are really lacking. You have to pay for everything and the lounges are not nice and the boarding always seems to be rude. I would like to speak to someone in Delta Customer Service. Please reply. More...
    mmmmm's Picture   mmmmm    0 Comments   Comments
  • Delta Customer Service

    I flew Delta Airlines from Dulles Airport to connecting flight 1207 to Atlanta Ga on 7/31/09 My complaint is the luggage that I checked for $20.00 was soaking wet when I returned home to Santa Ana that evening. I realize there was a big storm in WA that day as we were delayed, however, my clothes got all wet and mildewed as the suitcase was left on the Tarmac for a considerable length of time. I now have to spend a small fortune in having all the NEW clothes I purchased cleaned and hope that they will come out okay Please respond to this e mail I am extremely upset about... More...
  • skymiles

    Dont waste your time with Delta Skymiles! They make it seem so simple when it is not. You still have to pay no matter how many miles you have accumulated. First off, I did not have enough Skymiles in my account so my husband gave me some of his. It cost an initial $30 then $10 per 1,000 miles. I ended up paying $70 total. The I found out that I cannot pay for partial tickets with Skymiles but, through a "special" promotion, I could apply for a American Express card and be able to pay for some of the ticket with my earned Skymiles. The remaining balance would have to be put on the... More...
    fulloffury's Picture   fulloffury    0 Comments   Comments
  • I was misquoted on an airfare by...

    I was misquoted on an airfare by the delta Agent, and when I tried to get the ticket corrected, I was ignored by the company after writing in a complaint as told to do by Customer Service...To add insult to the experience we were delayed 6 hours out on the flight and then had the flight canceled at 1Am in the morning after waiting 6 hours to depart. The worst part was you could sense all the apathy of the employees. The Airline cares so little about the passengers these days, people should really cut down on the amount of air travel they do , until the airlines start to treat the customers... More...
  • left on delta from LA to boston...

    left on delta from LA to boston the nite of the storm in boston, fri march 16. stupidily, the airline took off knowing that there was a storm in boston. needless to say, we had to emergently land in conneticut and not get a plane until the next day. getting off the flight, we were told by delta staff there were no accomodations anywhere and no rental cars, they left us all high and dry. thankgod the statepolice were there and said that there were hotel accom and led most of us in the right direction. funny how when my friend and I got to the Ramada in, the crew on the flight we were on were... More...
    janetcarbone's Picture   janetcarbone    0 Comments   Comments


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